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As a new car Dealer you are part of an industry which employs tens of thousands of Australians, pays substantial tax in Australia and provides Australia with a safe, modern fleet of passenger vehicles. Your voice is powerful and it is important that it is heard by decision makers in Canberra.

Recently, the Government announced that it will be abolishing the point of sale exemption which allows Dealers to facilitate finance without an Australian Credit License. The majority of Dealers do not have credit licenses and this decision will add to the cost and complexity of doing business for new car Dealers.

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Recently, the Government accepted a recommendation by the Royal Commission into Financial Misconduct to ban the point of sale exemption. The point of sale (POS) exemption allows car Dealers to facilitate finance on behalf of credit providers without having to hold an Australian Credit License (ACL).

This has come as a major surprise to the industry and there is a sense of uncertainty about the future.

The POS exemption is fundamental to the efficient operation of motor vehicle consumer credit in Australia. The exemption allows finance providers to secure cost-effective and geographically wide distribution of their products to consumers who need new motor vehicles to conduct their lives, operate their businesses and drive employment and growth in communities large and small across Australia. The banks and finance companies will face insuperable cost and logistical barriers should abolition of the POS exemption force them to replace this highly effective distribution asset.

It is unclear why the exemption needs to go. Obtaining finance from a dealership is a cost effective, convenient solution for many consumers. Furthermore, the Royal Commission heard from ASIC that there were no specific concerns around the exemption. It also found that delinquencies in the car finance market are very low.

This decision will hit smaller, regional dealerships particularly hard.

Car dealerships in Electorate turn over $Turnover PA, employ Employee Number people and contribute $Tax Conbribution PA in tax. Furthermore, our business makes a significant contribution to the electorate through sponsorship and charitable work.

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