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Cyber Security Dashboard

AADA is running a comprehensive, 12 month program in collaboration with Cultural Cyber Security and other industry partners to help educate and inform franchised new car Dealers and their staff on the importance of cyber security. The program aims to enhance the industry’s resilience against cyber threats by increasing awareness, promoting best practice, and fostering collaboration.

The Cyber Security Dashboard is your resource centre to find all past presentations from our experts, along with toolkits and articles to assist Dealer staff in improving their cyber safety! It will be updated with resources as the program progresses.

program partners

upcoming webinars

Watch this space for our upcoming AADA cyber security webinar. 

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Title: The Why – the business imperative, the dark markets, and organised crime
Presented By: Brian Hay from Cultural Cyber Security

Understanding the ‘why’ behind cyber security is crucial and many cyber safety programs fail to address this fundamental question, leaving individuals and organisations vulnerable. This webinar will delve into the reasons why cybercrime is a growing threat and why it’s essential to develop personal skills for defence.

Title: Building Cybersecurity in a Dealership – Baseline Your Security Posture Today
Presented By: Brian Hay from Cultural Cyber Security

In this enlightening webinar we dive into the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by automotive dealerships and provide a roadmap to establish a solid security foundation. 

Title: Privacy – when, how and what if?
Presented By: Kelly Dickson from Macpherson Kelley

This is the webinar for you if you want to get practical tips to help your business guard against cyber events as well as guidance for what to do if or when things go wrong.

Title: Business Email Compromise Fraud – Safeguard Your Dealership
Presented By: Brian Hay from Cultural Cyber Security

In the first webinar of 2024, we will be covering topics such as; understanding BEC fraud, how to spot red flags, Dealer specific threats, and practical defence strategies.

Title: Dealership Fraud – Why People and Processes Are Key
Presented By: Steven Bragg and Aidan Cousin from Pitcher Partners

The motor industry experts from Pitcher Partners join us to translate all the general knowledge we’ve gained so far in this program into tailored advice, designed to address the specific needs of a dealership business.

Title: Online Scams and the Power of Social Engineering
Presented By: Brian Hay from Cultural Cyber Security

In this informative session, we’ll uncover the latest scams targeting businesses like yours and discuss powerful strategies to protect your dealership and your families from cyber threats.

Title: Cyber Security: What every Board Member and Executive Needs to Understand 
Presented By: Brian Hay from Cultural Cyber Security

It’s time to turn our attention to the leaders of our automotive businesses in the next webinar of the Cyber Smart Dealers Program. This session is tailored specifically for leaders in dealership organisations.


Explore the Australian Securities & Investments Commission’s latest call for heightened organizational vigilance against cyber threats in their new report. The report summarises the results of their latest cyber pulse survey.

Among the key findings was that 58 per cent of participants have limited or no capability to protect confidential information adequately.

The findings emphasise how important it is to make cyber security and cyber resilience a top priority for all organisations. The key insights and recommendations from ASIC can be found in their full report.

The Seven Phases of a Ransomware Attack – In the ever-evolving digital landscape, ransomware attacks have emerged as a significant threat to organisations worldwide. Take a deep dive into the seven phases of a ransomware attack, dissecting its anatomy to empower security teams and individuals alike. By comprehending these phases, we can reduce vulnerabilities and shield ourselves from the severe consequences of a successful ransomware attack.


AADA is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive 12-month program, in collaboration with Cultural Cyber Security (CCS), to help educate and inform franchised new car Dealers and their staff on the importance of cyber security called ‘Cyber Smart Dealers’.

As technology continues to reshape the automotive industry, it brings both opportunities and challenges. Our Cyber Smart Dealers program is meticulously crafted to address these challenges head-on and empower our members to safeguard their operations, data, and reaffirm customer trust.

The year long program features the following:

  • Webinars – a series of webinars on various aspects of cyber security (live or on demand). The webinars are targeted at both Dealer Principals and all dealership staff.
  • Cyber Security Dashboard – Educational resources made available on the AADA website.
  • Quarterly Cyber Safety Newsletters – regular cyber security updates, including alerts and featured articles from our program partners and experts.
  • Input and guidance from other automotive industry providers.