3rd August, 2016 · CEO Message

CEO Message No.8

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“Never waste a perfectly good crisis…” is a wise saying, variously attributed to many different sources over the years. No matter who said it first, it holds true in all circumstances.

The AADA and franchised dealers in Australia do indeed have an opportunity to leverage the regulatory crisis we face to our benefit if we are articulate and convincing in presenting the facts.

During the past week the AADA team has continued to work energetically on the wide range of issues facing us. Here are a few of the key milestones:

  • Finalised and submitted the AADA response to the second ASIC issues paper on flex commissions. We now stand ready to respond to the Commission’s inevitable further questions and to engage in useful dialogue around practical solutions that might allow both sides to walk away feeling comfortable with the result.• Attended a meeting with the heads of the mainland states’ Motor Traders Associations and the VACC. Our key objective is to find common cause with these organisations wherever possible. By working together we significantly multiply the effectiveness of our voices in Canberra and with the state legislators and regulators. This is the first in a series of meetings we will have in the coming year. We are working with FCAI and others to counter the AAAA mis-information campaign.• Along with Tony Weber, CEO of the FCAI, we met with senior National Party leaders to discuss a range of issues including the “Vital Five” which I’ve written about in earlier newsletters. While Cabinet and Ministry assignments are still being sorted in detail, we were able to outline our views to Ministers Chester and McCormack and to Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce on the important challenges we face.

AADA, FCAI & Small BusinessFrom left to right: David Blackhall Acting CEO AADA, the Hon Michael McCormack MP Minister for Small Business and Tony Weber, CEO FCAI attending the Victorian National Party 100th Anniversary function in Melbourne.

These key political leaders at the anniversary function showed a keen awareness of the importance of franchised motor dealers to the well-being of small business throughout Australia, and particularly the significant role dealers play is sustaining employment and contributing to the community in regional centres.

August and September shape as crucial months when important decisions will be made on a number of the “Vital Five”.

Dealers can rest assured we are doing everything possible to seize the opportunity to advance our interests and so not “waste” this regulatory crisis.

As ever, I wish you…

Good luck and good selling!


David Blackhall

Chief Executive Officer