19th February, 2018 · CEO Message

CEO Message No. 30

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John Churchill, an ancestor of the famous Sir Winston Churchill, wrote himself into the pages of British history as the first Duke of Marlborough.

Marlborough was a military high-achiever, as he is reputed to have never lost a battle as a commander. Based on this portrait, hair was also apparently a key success factor!

John Churchill
First Duke of Marlborough

I only mention the Duke with a certain degree of envy.

It is surely everyone’s ambition never to lose a battle? Few of us however attain that degree of success – but it is a good thing to have these lofty goals, so at AADA we are attempting to take the Duke’s example as a template and succeed in all the many ‘battles’ we are waging on behalf of franchised new car dealers.

In this, our first new-format newsletter, you will find a comprehensive overview and status update on the key policy, advocacy and operational ‘battles’ our Secretariat is managing this year.

As we have stated clearly and repeatedly, our key objective is to free franchised new car dealers from the franchising code by securing a fairer, more even-handed Automotive Industry Code. In this we are greatly encouraged by the recommendations of the ACCC New Car Retailing Industry Market Study, and by the reception our ideas have received in Canberra.

There is much still to be done but – as the Duke might say – we begun the manoeuvrers well.

Please enjoy the newsletter, and as always, I wish you…

Good Luck and Good Selling.