16th June, 2016 ยท CEO Message

CEO Message No. 1

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AADA Members and Colleagues,

They say a week’s a long time in politics – and after my first ten days at AADA I can absolutely endorse that truism.

In short order we’ve had two major automotive policy issues burst into national focus again – the personal vehicle import challenge and the ASIC flex commissions enquiry.

On imports, we gained important traction through our work with the Nick Xenophon Team. We were able to secure strong supporting media articles covering the Senator’s letter to Chairman Terry Keating which unequivocally endorsed the AADA’s position on the negative impact the LNP policy will have on our businesses, employment and growth in Australia.

That battle is still to be won, but we do have some important tactical leverage. This topic will heat up again post the election.

The ASIC flex commission issue represents a serious challenge to one of the most important profit centres we have in our businesses. A sub-committee comprised of representatives from our largest dealers met with ASIC this week.

We will deliver a full update to the AADA Board next Tuesday but I can say that the sub-committee succeeded in having the ASIC team recognise a number of important issues they had previously overlooked. There is a lot of work to do to ensure an acceptable outcome on this topic – we’ll keep you informed and ask for your help as needed.

I spent time with the team in Brisbane this week and there is much to do on the administrative front. Our database and membership lists are not in good shape and we’ve engaged with a contractor to start the process of sorting that out. We will need your help to make sure we have the right information – so please don’t be surprised when we call.

Michael Deed and Daniel Brown took me though the long list of policy issues they are working on – and it’s extensive. In coming weeks I’ll outline some of the more likely important matters on which we’ll need you help and insight on.

I’ve described my first ten days at AADA as like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hose – you get knocked off your feet! That said, I’m resilient and tough so I’m back up and at it.

I will provide these informal member updates from time to time in the interests of ensuring you are aware of and informed about the key issues we’re managing.

That said, please call me directly if there is ever a question you need answered.

In the meantime…

Good Luck and Good Selling,


David Blackhall