6th August, 2020 ยท CEO Message

CEO Message No. 57

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Following the highs of June, it’s been a challenging month for many Dealers and for the AADA. The situation in Victoria is incredibly concerning with Dealers currently operating under restrictions with a very depressed trading environment. Our thoughts are with our Victorian members, their employees and their families during this difficult time.

The sales figures for July showed a decline of almost 28 per cent in Victoria compared to the reduction of more than 12 per cent nationally. Members report that it would have been a lot worse were it not for carry over from June and the coming months do not bode well for the industry and Victoria in particular.

The Government’s changes announced to JobKeeper have missed the mark and were announced before the gravity of the situation in Victoria became known. The AADA and many other industry bodies are making representations to Government to revisit the eligibility criteria, as under the current system almost no Dealer in Australia will qualify for support beyond 27 September.

Amid the pandemic, there are a number of challenges on the policy front which you can read about below. On a positive note the AADA was able to make its case to the Senate Inquiry into General Motors’ Holden withdrawal from Australia, using the opportunity to push for stronger protections for Dealers.

Disappointingly, there have also been a number of thought bubbles and distractions brought forward by regulators and Government agencies. ASIC’s looming product intervention order comes at a time when frankly Dealers are struggling to keep their businesses profitable and their workers employed.

The thought bubble from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to allow for the wide-scale importation of used electric vehicles beggars believe and the AADA will push strongly against this issue which keeps coming up in one form or other.