31st May, 2019 · CEO Message

CEO Message No. 44

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The Uncertainty of Politics …


“As he rose like a rocket, he fell like a stick…”

Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

Thomas Paine was a man of towering intellect and one of the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution. He was known for his acerbic satirical wit – and spent time in a Parisian prison because of it. His above quoted remark about Edmund Burke, cruel as it may be, neatly captures the vagaries and uncertainties of the political life. There may be one or two current and former members of our parliament with similar recent trajectories.

Australian Electoral Commission – State of the parities – 23 May 2019

No pollster saw this result coming – and we didn’t see it coming either. The good news is that we did understand that the reality of political uncertainly must guide our advocacy agenda. Without being too clever, it is fair to say that we have positioned ourselves so that our key policy deliverables are achievable no matter the result of the ballot.

The AADA team ran a professional bi-partisan campaign during the election entitled“Driving Our Future”. Using our newly-enhanced DealerNomics Website the team was able to show all candidates the economic and employment contributions new car Dealers deliver in urban and regional communities across the Nation. We produced specific campaign material that included a scorecard that rated both major parties on our key policy issues. There is further detail in this newsletter.

I’ve received phone calls and text messages from some members concerned that our push for the Code might lose momentum with the re-election of the Morrison team. This is not the case.

The freshly-minted Morrison Government, like the Opposition, is committed to the creation of an Automotive Code that addresses key concerns that negatively impact new car Dealers’ relationships with OEMs.

Before the election was called, the Department of Industry (which has conduct of the matter) issued a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) seeking stakeholder input on the Code. Our team conducted several meetings on the RIS before the poll, and we have also met with the responsible officers subsequent to the election.

While we don’t know exactly when Parliament will sit, the important detailed work on drafting the regulations continues. Our objective is to be able to move quickly through the Ministerial and other processes needed to give effect to the Code once the House is back in business.

In the meantime, our AADA Secretariat team continues to make strong progress on a range of other key policy matters. In this newsletter you will find important information on the latest Cox Automotive Australia Dealer Survey and an update on our plans for the most informative AADA National Dealer Convention we’ve ever held, to name just a few highlights.

Diverse Auto Network Inc (DANi) is one initiative that deserves your close attention is our commitment to work with a powerful group of industry stakeholders to promote diversity in our businesses – particularly in ownership and senior leadership roles.

Thomas Paine also said…

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph…”.

The team at AADA will certainly endorse that sentiment when the Automotive Code is finally enshrined in government regulation.

Until then…no rest.

As always, I wish you all…

Good Luck and Good Selling.