19th April, 2023 · bulletin

Release of the National Electric
Vehicle Strategy

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The Federal Government has released its long-awaited National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

The Strategy seeks to accelerate the uptake of zero and low emission vehicles and focuses on three key areas, increasing supply of EVs, infrastructure to support uptake, and encouraging an increase in EV demand.

A key element of the Strategy is consultation on a Fuel Efficiency Standard for light vehicles which has opened today. Fuel efficiency standards require global vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to improve the average fuel efficiency of new cars over time, with a goal of achieving net zero by 2050.

The AADA will participate in this consultation process, to ensure that the fuel efficiency standard is ambitious, but achievable, allowing Australians to access state of the art fuel-efficient vehicles, without reducing vehicle affordability or choice.

Other measures outlined in the Strategy include;
• Undertaking of research to inform an EV and other large format battery recycling, reuse and stewardship initiative.
• Expansion of the rollout of charging infrastructure through the $500 million Driving the Nation Fund and the National EV Charging Network.
• Establishment of hydrogen highways (hydrogen refuelling networks) for key freight routes.
• The Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s commitment of up to $20.5 million to make green car loans cheaper.

You can read the full National Electric Vehicle Strategy here.