7th March, 2023 ยท bulletin

New Car Delivery Delays at the Port

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Over the last few months, the AADA has been made aware of delayed processing times and a backlog of imported vehicles awaiting clearance through Australian ports due to increased biosecurity risk.

In response, AADA has met with the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) and officials from the responsible Federal Government department, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to discuss what is being done in response to this issue and make representations on behalf of Australia’s franchised new car Dealer network.

The FCAI (supported by its member committees), the Department and the port authorities are in regular communication and are working to resolve these issues, with the Department advising that current delays to the delivery of new vehicles are a direct result of the capacity of the commercial companies to manage the surge in contaminated vehicles arriving at the border.

On 3 March, the Department released updated guidance on Biosecurity Risk Material on new vehicles arriving in Australia. This guidance states that since 2021 Australia’s ports have seen an 88 per cent increase in new vehicles arriving with biosecurity risk material contamination. Increased rates of biosecurity contamination are likely due to several commercial factors, including increasing demand for new vehicles coupled with the ongoing recovery in global supply chains and shipping schedules post COVID.

AADA will continue to monitor this issue and update members with any new advice received.