3rd February, 2023 · bulletin

Update from Solar Victoria – ZEV
Subsidy Program

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Solar Victoria has provided an update on the progress of the Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Subsidy Program. As of mid-January 2023 there have been 7,839 applications since the program launched in mid-2021. There are currently over 4,000 ZEV subsidies remaining in this release.

There is an important update for ZEV Traders. As of 2 February 2023, there is a new and improved ZEV Trader Portal available, and the previous portal has been closed. Participating Dealers will need to access the new portal directly to apply subsidies, as the old portal link has been taken down.

The ZEV Trader Portal has been updated and streamlined to address feedback received from participating Dealers. Solar Victoria have simplified the application requirements including improvements to customer eligibility checks.

Key improvements now allow Dealers to:

  • Check the customer’s eligibility before generating a contract of sale
  • Manually enter a customer’s address if it isn’t recognised in the portal
  • Edit a customer’s address
  • Create new orders on the portal homepage
  • Only enter odometer readings for demonstration vehicles
  • Upload additional documents and provide reasons for cancelled orders
  • See payment dates on your Dealership activity report
  • View business names in the order and assessment tabs

All data from the previous portal will be migrated to the new one, and trader credentials retailed to minimise disturbance in the transition process. PDF guides and instructions on the application process for individual and business customers have been made available.