13th September, 2022 ยท bulletin

QLD Government Seeking Community Input
on Zero Emission Vehicles

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland is encouraging community members to ‘have your say’ on zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) via an online survey.

The purpose of the survey is to understand consumer preferences, their evolving needs and expectations, to inform policy development to encourage and support the uptake of ZEVs. Consumer feedback plays an important role in forming action plans for the QLD Government’s Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy 2022-2032.

As part of their ZEV strategy, QLD set a target of 50 per cent of new car sales to be ZEVs by 2030, moving to 100 per cent by 2036. The survey results may inform decisions around the next phase of incentives that the QLD Government could introduce to encourage consumers to choose a ZEV as their next vehicle. Some of the suggested incentives would target both consumers and manufacturers with options including:

  • Interest-free loans
  • Additional fast chargers
  • Subsidies for upfront purchases
  • Registration discounts and tax incentives
  • Parking and lane privileges
  • Assistance with home energy bills to people charging at home
  • Introducing a gradual ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles over several years

AADA was requested to share the survey through our networks and encourages members to do the same. While the survey appears to be primarily designed for customers, you can also have your say as a consumer on the direction of QLD’s ZEV strategy by completing the online survey.

The survey closes at 11:00pm on 23 September 2022.