18th July, 2022 ยท bulletin

AADA Response to Reports ACT Government
Plan to Ban ICE Vehicles

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To: ACT AADA Members

There is currently some media attention on reports that the ACT Government plan to introduce a ban on internal combustion engine vehicles from 2035. It comes as part of a reported strategy document that may be released later this week.

The AADA released a statement in response to the reports today, expressing our concerns that this policy will have adverse consequences for the industry and consumers in the ACT.

AADA is seeking to meet with Government and Opposition to further discuss the reports and to engage in the consultation process. We are also in the process of reaching out to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries to try and develop a joint position on this issue. We hope to ensure any policies to facilitate the uptake of low emissions vehicles are part of a national strategy and are fit for purpose so that automotive businesses and consumers are not disadvantaged.