17th June, 2022 ยท bulletin

Mandatory Safety Standards for Car Keys
or Fobs That Contain Button Batteries

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The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is reminding businesses that products which contain button batteries, such as car keys or FOBs, need to be compliant with the new button battery safety standards when the new standards become mandatory on 22 June 2022.

Under the new mandatory safety and information standards, products must have secure battery compartments to prevent children from gaining access to the batteries and they are required to comply with warning and information requirements.

The new standards were first introduced on 21 December 2020, with an 18-month transition period to allow time for any manufacturing or design changes to products and to remove stock that is no longer compliant.

All participants in the supply chain are responsible for complying with these new safety standards and include manufacturers, importers, distributers, and retailers of consumer goods containing button or coin batteries in Australia. As such, it is important for Dealers to work with their Manufacturers to ensure the due date for compliance with the new mandatory safety standards is adhered to for any products containing a button or coin battery. It is important that Dealers make themselves familiar with the ACCC business guidelines.

Once the standards become mandatory the ACCC will focus on enforcement action and penalties may apply for businesses that do not comply.

For further information, please visit the ACCC Product Safety website.