29th April, 2022 ยท bulletin

Media and Consumer Attention on Dealer
Delivery Fees

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There is currently considerable media attention on Dealer delivery fees, with reports and evidence brought forward by consumers to media outlets detailing excessive fees being charged. The AADA response to the media inquiries has made it very clear that we do not condone excessive fees. Our advice to consumers is to make sure that they are provided with a full breakdown of the purchase price of the vehicle prior to signing the sales contract and if they are not satisfied they should shop around for a better deal.

In our responses we have also made it clear that there are legitimate costs incurred by Dealers when preparing a vehicle for delivery. For example, these costs arise from things like registration administration, critical safety checks of the vehicle and completion of OEM prescribed pre-delivery checklists.

Dealers should be aware that this issue is of strong interest to several media commentators and media outlets, consumers and consumer advocacy groups and is something that the ACCC has historically shown interest in. We would encourage Dealers to make sure that the Delivery fees that they charge are justifiable and relate directly to costs incurred, rather than just a contributor to the Dealers bottom line profit.