27th April, 2022 ยท bulletin

Update on the Victorian
Government’s Zero Emissions
Vehicle Subsidy

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AADA has previously been in communication with Victorian Dealers about the State Government’s subsidy for consumers purchasing a new zero emissions vehicle (ZEV). This subsidy was designed to encourage the uptake of ZEVs and is being managed by Solar Victoria. Solar Victoria have provided an update on the program.

Highlights of the update include:

  • It is progressing well with 4,000 subsidies allocated at the end of February 2022.
  • Additional subsidies were released in early March representing a further $7.2 million in funding. A further 2,600 subsidies were made available for purchasing a ZEV in Victoria.
  • There are now 72 participating ZEV providers.
  • Due to supply chain issues delaying car deliveries beyond Solar Victoria’s required 6-month delivery period, they have provided an extension to all current applications of 120 days. This is to ensure the subsidy is still available to customers and provide some confidence to Dealers.
  • Future customers and sales will not receive this extension, so Dealers are required to deliver vehicles to customers within 6 months of contract of sale.
  • The subsidy continues to be applied through an online portal for Dealerships to utilise and applies the subsidy as a discount at the point of sale.

For full details on the ZEV Subsidy, their portal, or any questions, visit the information page for ZEV traders or contact them directly.

Solar Victoria

P 1300 376 393

E zevsubsidy@team.solar.vic.gov.au