6th January, 2022 · bulletin

2021 New Car Sales Year in Review

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The 2021 VFACTS results were released today revealing that 1,049,831 new vehicles were sold representing an increase of 14.5% on the previous year. The increase was expected given that 2020 saw the lowest volumes in 17 years, due to the pandemic.

Every state sold more cars in 2021 than they did in 2020 except the ACT which performed better than expected in 2020 after the January hailstorm.

SUVs remain the most popular selling segment representing more than 50% of all sales (531,700) while light commercial vehicles performed solidly (253,254) outselling passenger vehicles (221,556). Electric vehicle sales increased by almost 200% although total volume (5,149) remains a very small percentage of total sales.

As for the top selling Brands in 2021, almost every top 20 car Manufacturer experienced sales growth compared to 2020. The exception was Honda (-39.5) and Mercedes-Benz (-3.8); the former suffering a loss in sales as a result of its switch to the agency model and the latter planning to move to the agency model in 2022. For the 25th year in a row Toyota came in first (223,642), followed by Mazda (101,119) and Hyundai (72,872). As a percentage, the biggest increases year on year among the top 20 were Chinese brands Great Wall Motors (251.2%), MG (155.9%) and LDV (62.9).

As 2022 begins, we are hopeful that consumer demand remains strong, and we are confident Dealers can navigate the various challenges they will face ranging from supply constraints to staff shortages.

From the AADA secretariat we wish you all happy selling in 2022.