11th November, 2021 ยท bulletin

Victorian Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
Subsidy Training

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15 & 16 November

In June, the AADA informed Victorian Dealers about the State Governments subsidy for consumers purchasing a new electric vehicle. The subsidy is designed to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in Victoria and contribute to a target of 50% of light vehicle sales by 2030, outlined in the Zero Emissions Vehicles Roadmap.

Solar Victoria is managing this program and has created an online portal for car Dealerships to utilise. This portal will apply the subsidy as a discount for individual and business customers at the point of sale.

To use the subsidy portal, Dealers must register with Solar Victoria as a participating Zero Emissions Vehicle Trader. Solar Victoria has acquired a list of Dealers currently selling eligible electric vehicles; and invitations have been sent to Dealers to participate in upcoming training.

Dealers who would like to participate in the program need to send an expression of interest to Solar Victoria, showing evidence that they:

  • Hold a valid/current motor car trader’s licence
  • Are a participant of VicRoads Dealer certification scheme
  • Are authorised by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to trade a ZEV

Details can be found at Information for Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) traders | Solar Victoria

With the launch of the new portal, the current post-sale subsidy application process will be closed. From 17 November, the portal will be the only way customers will be able to access the subsidy for eligible new ZEV deliveries. Customers who have already taken delivery of and registered their eligible ZEV must apply for the subsidy on the Solar Victoria website by Friday 10 December 2021.

An information session will be held to inform Dealers on:

  • An update on the ZEV Subsidy program.
  • The required Solar Victoria portal training.
  • How Solar Victoria will be moving to the new payment process.

The online training sessions will take place on Monday 15 November, 2.00pm – 3.30pm or Tuesday 16 November, 11.00am – 12.30pm.

You can join the portal training session on your computer or mobile Teams app via the links below. Dealers do not have to register for the training session but simply click on the links at the designated times to join the session.