24th August, 2021 · bulletin

NSW COVID-Support – Letter
Template to Write to Your Local State
Member of Parliament

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To: All NSW Members

As you know, many dealerships affected by the NSW lockdown are currently ineligible for important Government assistance payments due to the turnover threshold and the grouping of Dealerships which results in all Dealerships within a group exceeding the threshold. The AADA have been urging the NSW Government to review the thresholds and recognise that despite the high turnovers, Dealers are low margin businesses which require assistance. We have also been urging them to look at Dealerships individually rather than as part of a group.

To achieve this, we are encouraging Dealers to write to their local State Member of Parliament or the NSW State Treasurer to make them aware of the severe financial impact the current lockdown and trading restrictions are having on dealerships in the State and the threat that exists to jobs.

We have drafted the attached letter which you can use as a template. There are some sections highlighted in yellow, which allow you to personalise the letter to your individual circumstances and to add data about your dealership.

Download the letter template here.

To find your Member’s contact details go to https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members and put your postcode in the search term.