10th May, 2021 ยท bulletin

Dealership Labour Shortages Survey

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Numerous AADA members have reported that they are suffering from crippling skills shortages, especially in the workshop where qualified technicians are proving very difficult to find. The issue appears to have become worse during the pandemic with the closure of the international borders preventing overseas workers from being able to enter the country, cutting off an important source of skilled technicians.

We are trying to determine how serious the issue is and would appreciate you sharing with us your experience.

Please click here to answer a small seven question survey which will provide us with further information.

Some Dealer Council representatives may have already responded to this survey, please disregard this notice if you have already submitted a response.

We are planning on taking up this issue with the Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, and the Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert so any information you can provide will be useful.