24th March, 2021 ยท bulletin

Motor Vehicle Service and Repair
Information Sharing Scheme

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Legislation which establishes a Scheme for sharing of service and repair information has been introduced into Parliament today. This Scheme has been in development for many years and the legislation is the culmination of a lengthy consultation and negotiation process between the AADA, other peak automotive industry associations and the Government.

The Scheme places an obligation on vehicle Manufacturers to make service and technical repair information available to independent repairers registered to and authorised by the Scheme, for a fair price.

One of the central principles of the Scheme is that information is shared on commercially fair and reasonable terms and the AADA is supportive of the legislation which adheres to this commitment and sets restrictions on sensitive information regarding safety and security.

The Scheme establishes the role of Scheme Adviser who will be appointed to handle administration of the Scheme, report to Government and manage any disputes that may arise. The Scheme Adviser will also work with the group of industry associations to help determine the day-to-day functions and operations of the Scheme and ensure compliance with the rules. There is further developmental work to be completed on the classification of technical information and the authorisation levels required for repairers to be able to access use the Scheme and access sensitive information.

The AADA will continue to work with the Government and other associations to structure the Scheme such that it meets its intent and treats all businesses involved in automotive repairs fairly and equitably. The Scheme is scheduled to commence no later than 1 July 2022. A copy of the Government announcement by Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar MP can be downloaded below.