29th October, 2020 · bulletin

NSW Fair Trading Warning – The
Car Buying Agency Pty Ltd

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Members are advised to be aware of a public warning notice issued by NSW Fair Trading about The Car Buying Agency and its principal Shervin Kalimi Chadorchi.

The full warning, taken from the NSW Government’s Fair Trading website, is as follows:

Do not deal with Shervin Kalimi Chadorchi, presently Director of the Car Buying Agency Pty Ltd

18 June 2020

Consumers are warned not to deal with Mr Shervin Kalimi Chadorchi, presently the sole Director, Secretary and shareholder of The Car Buying Agency Pty Ltd (ACN 635785625) (the Trader) which operates as a broking service, sourcing motor vehicles for consumers via its website thecarbuyingagency.com.au.

The Trader’s principal place of business is listed as Tower 1, International Towers, Level 35,100 Barrangoo Avenue, Sydney.

NSW Fair Trading has received complaints about Mr Chadorchi (whille) involved with the Trader, and those matters are currently under investigation.

Complaints relate to consumers who made contact with Mr Chadorchi through the Trader’s website thecarbuyingagency.com.au. The complainants received invoices purporting to be from large car dealerships which included Mr Chadorchi’s personal bank account number.

Consumers made payments to this account believing it to be the suppliers bank account.

It is reported that the motor vehicles are not supplied; refunds are only provided after extensive follow up from consumers; and on occasion, that consumers are provided with false bank payment receipts and emails purporting to be evidence of the processing of refunds when in fact the refunds have not been processed. Refunds provided to date appear to be unreasonably delayed.

NSW Fair Trading understands that Mr Chadorchi was previously associated with Cars and Co Pty Ltd, being a company that was the subject of a public warning issued on 14 June 2019.

Customers who have dealt with Mr Shervin Kalimi Chadorchi, presently the Director of The Car Buying Agency and are not satisfied with their interaction, are urged to contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20.


Recent reports received by AADA indicate that this business is currently active and NSW authorities are conducting further investigations into its operations and the individuals associated with it.

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