24th July, 2020 ยท bulletin

FCAI Announces Voluntary CO2 Emissions

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Today, the FCAI announced a voluntary CO2 emissions standard which will seek a targeted reduction to the CO2 emissions of Australia’s new car fleet from 2020 to 2030.

More than 40 Manufacturers are participating in this scheme and the standard will calculate industry and brand specific CO2 targets on a sales-weighted average mass per unit basis against sales recorded in VFACTS.

There will be separate national targets for:

  • Passenger Cars and Light SUVs (average annual reduction of 4% per annum).
  • Heavy SUVs and Light Commercial Vehicles (average annual reduction of 3% per annum).

Different brands will progress at different rates, depending on their model cycles.

More information on how the standard works can be found on FCAI’s website.

The AADA will be meeting with the FCAI in the coming weeks to get more detail on this industry standard and what the implications are for Dealers.

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