18th June, 2020 · bulletin

carsales Webinar – The Road Ahead

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carsales has extended an invitation to all AADA members to attend a webinar next Wednesday morning. The Webinar titled The Road Ahead will share key insights on market shifts, along with practical advice on how you can change your business operations to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

When: 8.00 AM – 9.00 AM (AEST), Wednesday 24 June 2020

Registration is essential to secure your place. 



  • Michael Holmes, Executive Director – Dealer, will share his overview of the automotive industry.
  • Jeremy Moger, Head of Business Insights, will provide insights on key market shifts and leading indicators of what’s to come.
  • Ren Blanning, Head of Business Consultancy, will share practical advice on the ‘Metrics that matter’ – a new series on operational best practices. In this first edition, Ren will focus on inventory management – covering what you need to be looking at week-in week-out and key information on profitable inventory sourcing.