4th March, 2020 · bulletin

Senate Inquiry Into Holden Withdrawal

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There will be a Senate Inquiry into the decision by General Motors (GM) to withdraw the Holden brand and operations from Australia.

This Inquiry is crucial as the way in which Holden was allowed to exit Australia will set the benchmark for other offshore car Manufacturers considering an exit from the country, a rationalisation of their network or a change in their distribution model.

The AADA will be keeping a close eye on this Inquiry and making a submission which is due by 20 March 2020.

The Terms of Reference are:

a)    the impacts of that decision on:

i.      Holden employees,

ii.     the Holden dealership network (small and medium sized businesses and family enterprises, and their employees),

iii.    the Holden research and development facilities, and

iv.    owners of Holden vehicles (including service and repair);

b)    the role of the Franchise Code and the Government’s proposed dealership amendments to the Franchise Code;

c)     Government or other policy settings on manufacturing, research and development, business support and transition, and employee support; and 

d)    any related matters.


If any members would like to contribute to this submission, please contact Alex Tewes.

Any members wishing to put in their own submission or register their interest to appear at one of the Inquiry’s hearings should visit the Inquiry homepage.

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