6th February, 2020 · bulletin

DealerNomics Update: Geographic

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The Australian Automotive Dealer Association’s DealerNomics website has been updated to reflect the December 2019 sales figures reported through VFACTs.

We have also been working to improve data accuracy at an electorate level to address member feedback. As sales numbers are currently not available by postcode, we have applied a geographical weighting in order to more accurately report on the economic data. DealerNomics now reflects the demographic classification of divisions set by the Australian Electoral Commission by applying a geographic weighting to each electorate based on its classification as either rural, provincial, outer metropolitan or inner metropolitan area.

Furthermore, DealerNomics also applies a weighting to brands represented in each electorate according to the percentage of sales listed in VFACTs.

Electorate level data may not always be accurate as we have not been able to source sales data by postcode. However, we encourage your feedback as we strive to continuously improve this tool. Please explore the updated DealerNomics website and make use of this unique mapping tool to demonstrate to your local Member and/or Senator the important contribution new car Dealers make in your electorate.

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