29th November, 2019 ยท bulletin

Access to Service and Repair
Information – Update

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On 26 November, the AADA met with a number of automotive associations to discuss the operation of the Government’s recent announcement of legislation to compel the sharing of Service and Repair Information with independent repairers.

The AADA will be participating in this process and will be demanding that a number of key elements are included in the legislation and regulations, so that the interests of new car Dealers are protected.

Key among the issues we want considered as part of the legislation is that:

  • information is shared on commercially fair and reasonable terms;
  • information is released only to repairers who can demonstrate they have the necessary skills, training and equipment required to complete the job;
  • information pertaining to vehicle safety, security and emissions is restricted or withheld where necessary;
  • independent repairers disclose when they conduct repairs using non-genuine parts;
  • that there is government oversight of the scheme and that in operation it will always include Dealer representation.

While there is still considerable detail to be resolved, as a group we were able to come to an agreement regarding many important issues and the structure of the operational model required to support the scheme.

The five bodies, AADA, AAAA, MTAA, FCAI and the AAA are planning to write to the Assistant Treasurer by the end of the year to inform him of the progress made and seek government support for a proposed model.

This initiative is a first for the automotive industry and represents a significant milestone for the organisations involved, who have come together to collaborate and deliver a scheme which is the first of its kind in Australia.

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