21st May, 2019 · bulletin

Mandatory Text Changes for Warranties
Against Defects

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Important information for businesses

Consumer Affairs Australia New Zealand (CAANZ) have forwarded advice as attached, regarding changes to the mandatory text to be included in all consumer “warranties against defects”. The new requirements come into force on 9 June 2019.

Warranties already include mandatory language as prescribed by Regulation 90 (Australian Consumer Law).

Amendment to regulation 90

The new mandatory text that will need to be included from 9 June 2019, covers written warranties provided to consumers for the supply of:

  • services only, and
  • goods combined with services (e.g. most manufacturer’s warranties).

The mandatory text that will be required for each of the two types of warranties specified in the bullet-points above is contained in the CAANZ letter dated 9 April (and the ACCC’s website). The purpose of this amendment to regulation 90 is to make the mandatory text more applicable in relation to warranties provided to consumers for both the supply of services and the supply of goods combined with services.

Impact of amendment on consumer guarantees and the ACCC’s factsheet

The amendment to regulation 90 does not impact the operation of the ACL’s consumer guarantee provisions, which will continue to interact with warranties in the same way as before the amendment to regulation 90 comes into effect on 9 June 2019. The amendment to regulation 90 does not supersede or affect the ACCC’s factsheet titled “Just bought a new car?”, which members should continue distributing to consumers. 

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