20th May, 2019 · bulletin

AADA 2019 Federal Election Update

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The Federal election occurred over the weekend with the Coalition retaining government. There are still a handful of seats which have yet to be decided, but it seems the Coalition will form a majority government with at least 77 seats.

It will take a few weeks for the Senate results to be finalised, but it appears that once again the balance of power will be held by a range of minor parties, meaning each piece of legislation will require negotiation.

The result is a major surprise and runs counter to every major national opinion poll published in the run up to the election. The result validates the AADA’s approach to seeking bi-partisan support for the Automotive Code of Conduct. The secretariat will still have to work hard to make sure that the Code stays on the agenda of the Government and bureaucracy while still enjoying support from the Opposition.

In the coming weeks the Prime Minster will announce his new ministry and after that we will need to wait for charter letters which will articulate which Ministers are responsible for which policy areas. Once the new ministry is known, the AADA will begin the task of developing relations with all the relevant ministers as well as new members of parliament.

In the meantime, the AADA will reengage with the various government departments, now that the caretaker period is over. In particular, we will meet with the Department of Industry to ensure that the work which has already been done on an Automotive Code of Conduct proceeds. We will also be meeting with Treasury around issues such as the Royal Commission implementation and the Access to Service and Repair information work.

The AADA will provide further updates to members over the coming weeks, but if there are any queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact James or Brian.

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