15th May, 2019 · bulletin

AADA Receives Bipartisan Commitment to
the Automotive Code

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The AADA, has received policy plans from both major parties in response to our Driving Our Future Election Campaign questionnaire.

The AADA asked both parties to address the four policy priorities:

  1. A Fairer Automotive Industry;
  2. Affordable new vehicles;
  3. Ruling out used car imports;
  4. A consumer focussed emissions policy.

We received a response from the Labor Party and the Coalition and we have developed a scorecard to illustrate each party’s commitments. The parties obtained similar ratings with strong policies which supported our priorities for an Automotive Code and the ruling out of used car imports. They both scored poorly for their reluctance to remove legacy automotive taxes, the luxury car tax and the import tariff. On the question of vehicle emissions they received a neutral rating largely because of the scant detail in each of their policy responses.

We are delighted that both sides of politics have provided an election commitment to introducing a code of conduct for the retail automotive industry. This is the number one priority for the AADA and will result in a fairer automotive industry. We look forward to working with the future Government and Opposition to make this commitment a reality.

Members are encouraged to read the respective responses from the parties and to share these with employees, as well as sharing the AADA social posts about the scoresheet.

After the Election, the AADA will develop close relationships with whoever wins Government to advance the interests of franchised new car Dealers.

Download Dealer Bulletin & Scorecard