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Point of Sale Exemption Ban –
Tips for meeting with a Politician

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Organising a meeting with Members or Senators is a great way to promote the importance of our industry and raise awareness for an issue that matters to you. The AADA has developed a toolkit to help you connect with your local Member and/or Senator on the Point of Sale exemption abolition which has been recommended by the Banking Royal Commission.


Request a meeting

Contact your local Member or Senator’s electorate office via email, mail or phone to request a meeting. You’ll likely speak to the diary manager or another staff member who will arrange an appointment. When requesting a meeting include information about who you are and the issue you wish to cover. Also make sure you receive a confirmation email for the meeting and follow up if required.


Useful Links:

You can find a contact list for Senators and Members on the Parliament of Australia Page.

Or follow the link below to download the list from the Parliament of Australia website:



When writing to a Senator or Member, please follow the Guidelines for Contacting Senators and Members published on the Parliament of Australia Page.


Prepare for the meeting

It is important to do your research prior to talking to your local Senator or Member and have an understanding of what the point of sales exemption means for new car Dealers and your Dealership. Below is a list of broad talking points on the issue that you can use.


Point of sale exemption – Talk Points

  • Banning the point of sale exemption is unnecessary and will disadvantage smaller, regional dealers and their customers.
  • The Point of Sale exemption allows car Dealers to facilitate finance for their customers on behalf of finance companies.
  • The finance is thus being provided, through a licensed credit provider who is subject to responsible lending rules and is solely responsible for approving or rejecting the finance application.
  • Banning the exemption will mean that dealers will need to obtain a credit licence, which will bring additional layers of cost and compliance.
  • Evidence from the Royal Commission showed that delinquencies in the car finance market are very low (0.44%), and that ASIC had no concerns about the workings of the exemption.
  • Consumers are currently well served by affordable finance through car dealerships.
  • Restricting finance at the dealership will drive consumers online and into the hands of the big banks.
  • The industry is currently doing it tough with new car sales down 10 months in a row.
  • Car finance is an important profit centre for new car dealers and restricting it will compound conditions in the industry.


Leave behind material

It is a good idea to take data or supportive materials to a meeting with a politician to demonstrate the importance of the industry and our issues in a printed format. This also gives the Senator or Member something to review after the meeting and reminds them of the issues you discussed. DealerNomics is powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to download a PDF factsheet with the economic contribution made by car Dealers for your local electorate, state/territory or at a national level. We highly recommend downloading a factsheet for your electorate and taking a printed version to the meeting as a leave behind for the Senator or Member.

To download a fact sheet simply go to https://dealernomics.aada.asn.au, select your state/territory and or electorate and click on “Download PDF”.


We are here to help

If you require further assistance or additional material, please get in contact with one a AADA team member.

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