8th June, 2016 · bulletin

Nick Xenophon supports AADA position on
personal imports

2 minutes to read

We attach for your information a letter recently received from Senator Nick Xenophon, leader of the Nick Xenophon Team contesting the coming Federal Election.

As indicated in the letter, Senator Xenophon is a strong supporter of the AADA position on personal imports. The Nick Xenophon Team understands the catastrophic impact that parallel imports could have on employment, investment and growth in our businesses if the government proceeds with its plans. The Team also understands the loss of consumer protection that the government plan might cause.

According to the pollsters the Nick Xenophon Team is set to expand its representation in parliament and could play a significant role in the new senate following the election. The team is a great ally for us and for our cause.

Accordingly, it is incumbent upon us all – each and every member – to communicate and strongly support our position on personal imports.

You can help do this by:

• Posting the Senator’s letter on your website
• Circulating the letter to your staff, suppliers and customers
• Personally engaging with your local member and acquainting them with the facts on how your business drives employment, investment and growth in your community
• Speaking with your local media

The Senator’s letter also contains further suggestions on how you can help.

Many franchised dealerships are owned by family entrepreneurs. The present generation of operators in reality act as custodians of these businesses in perpetuity – working hard to pass the enterprises on to the next and subsequent generations.

Don’t let complacency or a mistaken belief that you can’t make a difference deter you from acting personally in this matter – everyone counts and every voice matters. This is one of the most significant issues we face in the near term. Please do not leave it up to others to drive the message home – take it on personally and energetically.

In closing let me thank the AADA Board and members for asking me to step in on an interim basis. I am excited and energised to be working with you all to make a difference for franchised dealers across the nation.

Please call me personally if you have questions, and in the meantime…

Good Luck and Good Selling!

David Blackhall
Acting CEO – AADA