WA Motor Vehicle Dealers Act – New Regulations Commence on 7 June

New regulations in Western Australia will come into effect in June requiring Dealers to advise customers if a vehicle they are selling has been written off, with penalties coming to car Dealers who fail to disclose.

From 7 June 2024, motor vehicle Dealers in Western Australia will have to disclose to prospective buyers if a vehicle under 15-years old is a repairable write-off.

WA Dealers must use amended Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) forms which include the addition of the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) status of used vehicles on the Notice of Particulars.

Failure to make this disclosure may result in a $2,000 penalty and any false or misleading statement or representation on the sale form will attract a $5,000 fine under the Motor Vehicle Dealers legislation.

The most complete method of checking in all States is to input the VIN to the PPSR inquiry website.

Dealers should make sure that Dealer Management software systems include the amended forms, and that staff are aware that used repairable write-off vehicles registered on the WOVR must be declared on Form 4 at all times.

The AADA will send Dealers copies of the new MVDA Forms when they are available from Consumer Protection. More information can be found online.