ACT Vehicle Registration Changes – 1 July 2024

2-year free EV registration incentives in ACT end on 30 June 2024

Discounted registration fees for zero and low emission vehicles will finish on 30 June 2024.  However, a Motor Vehicle Duty Discount continues to apply, and calculation of annual vehicle registration fees in ACT will change from 1 July 2024.

2-year Free registration for EVs

Access Canberra have advised the AADA that vehicles registered from 1 July 2024 onwards are still eligible for the 2 years’ free registration discount if the vehicle was paid for in full between 24 May 2021 and 30 June 2024. However, these applications must be processed manually and cannot be done via the Dealer extranet. In addition, these customers will receive the full fee on renewal notices and will need to attend an Access Canberra Service Centre for each renewal in the 2-year period to receive the discount.

 In order to access the registration discount the vehicle must be paid for in full before 30 June 2024. Applications cannot be done via Dealer Extranet and proof of purchase or a receipt confirming full payment before 30 June 2024 will be required.

Duty exemptions for low emission vehicles in the ACT

The separate Vehicle Emission Reductions Scheme on Motor Vehicle Duty continues beyond 30 June 2024 which applies to eligible Zero and low emission vehicles and as of 1 July 2024, a new system of calculating registration on vehicles is due to be implemented in the ACT.

On their website Access Canberra say:

From 1 July 2024, vehicle registration fees will gradually transition from the current weight-based vehicle registration system to an emissions-based system for most light vehicles.

This means lower registration fees for lower-emissions vehicles, including:

  • zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs)
  • plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs)
  • hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
  • low-emission petrol and diesel vehicles.

For questions regarding vehicle registration, Access Canberra can be contacted on 6207 7002 or Email or visit the Access Canberra website.