AADA Submission to New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Consultation

The AADA have provided a submission to the Government’s consultation on the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES). The submission has highlighted the limitations of the current proposal and suggested changes to the policy.

The submission used input from members, along with research and reports from industry partners to inform our position. New car Dealers are generally supportive of the introduction of a NVES for light vehicles, however it needs to be one that is fit for purpose, delivering environmental outcomes, while allowing an appropriate transition for consumers and automotive businesses.

The AADA remains firm on the position that the preferred option put forward by the Government goes too far too fast and will have serious implications for consumers on vehicle choice and affordability.

Some of the key recommendations in the submission include:

  • Adding SUVs and four-wheel drives to the Light Commercial Vehicle Category,
  • Allowing the expanded Light Commercial Vehicle category seven years to meet their target,
  • Reducing the proposed penalties in the early years of the scheme,
  • Developing a series of incentives to stimulate consumer demand for low emissions vehicles, and
  • Including flexibilities such as super credits and off-cycle credits into the NVES.

We will continue to participate in consultation with the Government on this issue.

View the AADA submission here.

If you would like the learn more about the NVES and how it is poised to impact the industry in Australia, we will be hosting a webinar this week covering the topic. The Government is seeking to catch up to the United States and we will hear from Barbara Kiss, a distinguished former automotive regulatory executive who helped design and implement a number of fuel efficiency policies in the US.

Date: Friday 8 March 2024

Time: 11:00am (AEDT)

Presenters: Featuring Barbara Kiss alongside AADA CEO James Voortman and MTAA CEO Matt