Data Sharing Principles

AADA Position

Data collected by Dealers, manufacturers, and generated via connected cars should be shared securely and equitably in the interests of providing the best outcomes for customers, manufacturers, and Dealers. AADA has prepared a set of Data Sharing Principles to assist Dealers and manufacturers to reach agreement on data sharing.


Developments in connected car technology and involvement of big tech companies in supply of connected car services has wrought many changes to cars and the customer relationship. There is the possibility of a fast evolution, or an industry revolution, to come.

Some automotive industry commentators say that the connected car could be an existential threat to the way Dealers traditionally operate.

AADA has prepared two documents to inform Dealers and assist Dealer Councils in preparation for data sharing discussions with vehicle manufacturers.

AADA has prepared a discussion paper – Motor Dealers, Connected Cars & Big Data and the AADA Data Sharing Principles.

Access to data and the development of software defined vehicles constantly transmitting vehicle data is a recognised industry issue. Some of the more concerning issues include:

  • If connected car data streams introduced by OEMs to enhance the automotive user experience, and expand services, are accessible only to OEMs then how will Dealers remain fully involved with the sales, servicing, and repair of vehicles?
  • It would appear to be a practical necessity for Dealers to have access to connected car data and OEM systems for the purpose of customer contact, vehicle servicing, and meeting expectations of customer satisfaction.
  • Our major concern is to ensure that Dealers are included, and not excluded from all data sharing, now, or in the future.
  • Will Dealers be excluded from access to information which includes data gathered by the Dealer in databases used to ensure the best outcome for customers, Dealers and manufacturers?

Priority has been applied to data issues by international Dealer associations. At the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention held in January 2023, American, Canadian and European Dealer Associations presented on, recognised the importance of data to Dealers, and the challenges of integrating data sharing into Dealer operations.

The AADA Data Sharing Principles are based on the NADA Data Sharing Principles developed by NADA in the USA to assist US based Dealers.

The AADA intends that the principles can be used to initiate discussions between Dealer Councils and manufacturers towards reaching agreement on how data and data sharing will be applied equitably, and securely, between Dealers and manufacturers. AADA is recommending that Dealer Councils add data sharing as an item to meeting agendas and discuss data sharing issues so that these matters may also be addressed when meeting with manufacturer representatives.